India's first Air Sanitizer
Purifies and Humidifies Air Naturally
India's first Air Sanitizer
Purifies and Humidifies Air Naturally


Our patent-pending technology helps in maintaining the recommended ideal relative humidity levels for building an environment with the help of controlled transpiration in plants, innovative aerated growing medium and controlled photosynthesis with the help of automated airflow and growing lights.

5 Stages of Purification:

Carbon Filter

Carbon when treated with oxygen opens up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms which act as bonding sites for organic chemicals. Thus, when certain chemicals pass next to this surface, they attach themselves to these pores and get trapped. They are the most efficient in combating VOCs released from common household products.

HEPA Filter

High Efficiency Particulate Air filter works through a fine mesh which traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites and tobacco smoke. These are known to cause throat irritation, allergies and respiratory issues.

Plant Leaves

The most commonly known role of plant leaves in air purification is conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen. However, the leaves and the roots can also absorb pollutants on their external surfaces and produce fresh and purified air.

Microbes in the roots of the plants

Air purification is usually considered as a function of the leaves of plants however, numerous studies have proved that the microbes such as bacteria and fungi are capable of biodegrading or bio transforming pollutants into non-
toxic or less toxic substances*

Aerated growing media with activated charcoal

Since the field soils are generally inefficient for plant growth in containers, the plants in FOREST grow in a soilless medium. This medium is treated with activated charcoal to ensure that any pollutants, allergens, mould or fungus do not go untreated.

How Does Forest Increase Human Longevity?

Pumps in fresh oxygen in the  indoors to breathe fresh and easy.

Purifies indoor air by removing harmful pollutants like CO2, CO, VOC, NO2*

Reduces PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles*
Naturally humidifies the indoor environment.

*Tested by NABL Certified Lab.

Influence of Relative Humidity and Air Pollution On COVID-19

 Influence of Relative humidity and air pollution on COVID-19

Forest Our Own Humidity Controller

Transpiration Rate

Transpiration rate of plants is controlled in Forest by automated airflow, aerated growing media and artificial grow lights

Maintain Optimum Humidity

The system will try to maintain the optimum humidity wherein the virus spread is minimum and will maintain it at that level

Humidity Management System

Plants plays a major role in maintaining the humidity level, they either increases or decreases the humidity level. At Oxygarden we integrate a variety of plant with our smart systems resulting in an optimal humidity level of 40-60%.


“We were skeptical in the beginning to invest, but over the course of time, we are able to see the increase in the energy levels of our employees and productivity. Amazing view of the garden is an added bonus :)”

Pralavya Katoch

Delivery Manager  

” I have been a fitness consultant for 10 years but never came across a product that can create such a healthy and natural environment at home. It’s amazing to see how an air sanitizer generates a positive vibe around you and keep your family away from all the negativity and disease-causing microorganisms.”

Jatin Mohan

A Fitness Enthusiast

” All my family members are very active, healthy and energetic, thanks to oxygarden. It helps me to maintain a perfect blend of breathable air and humidity inside my home. “

Simran Malhotra

A Happy Resident at Gurugram

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