Five ways to improve your indoor air quality

Are your eyes becoming dry and irritated? Are you getting more susceptible to cold? If yes, then the reason behind this is, that your house has low humidity levels. It can cause you discomfort. As we get closer to the winter season, everyone often faces this problem. This is because cold air holds less moisture than the warm air. In such situations, naturally humidifying the room is the key.

Let’s have a look at the 4 different ways of using a natural humidifier:-

Adopting House Plants – An aesthetic organic natural humidifier

House plants are not only used for décor but it’s more than that. Plants not only beautify the house but it replenishes the moisture inside the room. Moreover, it purifies indoor air. The roots of the plant takes water from the soil. Thereafter, water goes upward towards the leaves, and water is further evaporated into the air through stomata present in the leaves. 

One must keep a corner for house plants inside the room. Some of the best houseplants from NASA clean air study are – Snake plant, Peace Lily, English Ivy, and Aloe Vera.

Placing water bowls across the room

Placing water bowls throughout the room can help you with good humidity levels. Place these water bowls at several corners of the room depending upon the area of the room to be humidified. The water will evaporate into the dry indoor air. Though it’s a slow process but a natural one. Placing it on the window under the sunlight also aids in the evaporation process. 


Fish Aquarium

If you love colorful fishes, then keeping a fish aquarium inside the room is an excellent option. It won’t just look aesthetic but it’ll also add up humidity inside the room. However, it adds larger humidity which can be controlled by using fish tank covers and fans.

Cloth drying racks

Cloth drying racks can be placed in a room with dry air. Dry your damp clothes on the rack rather than using dryers. It will eventually add up humidity inside the room through evaporation of moisture inside the clothes.

Follow these easy ways for natural humidification and prevent yourself from certain infections.

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