6 natural ways to purify air at home

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been staying at our homes for a few months now. We have already started enjoying the monsoon showers by now. We all know that there was a drastic decline in air pollution levels due to the pandemic. But now, we can see some vehicles on the roads and since we have to continue staying at our homes till the situation improves, its important to purify indoor air and inhale fresh air.


Here are the 6 natural ways to purify air at home:-

1. Open Window Atleast 15 Min

It is one of the best and cheapest method to improve the air quality. It not only provides a good
ventilation but it will also freshen up the whole house when there is a good weather outside.


2. Indoor Plants

According to research, house plants are effective natural air purifiers. Soil microorganisms which are found in potted plants play a part in cleaning indoor air. ‘GOLDEN POTHOS’ are the most popular plant and are the easiest to grow.



3. Fan

If you want to improve the air quality there should be a proper circulation of air. Don’t leave the house closed as it will make the house stuffy. Use fans throughout your house.


4. Air Purifier

This is one of the most effective ways to get yourself surrounded by clean air most of the day. Always invest in a good air purifier. It traps the contaminants, dust, and bacteria and removes them from the air present inside the house. It is worth it having in the house.

5. Use Of Vinegar

One of the natural methods is to take a small bowl and fill it half with vinegar. Also, add a wadded up paper towel to the bowl. Place it anywhere in where you can sense bad odor. It will soak up bad odor and freshen up the room.

6. Don't let pollutant get inside the house

Whenever you come from outside, remove your shoes or sandals outside the house so as to leave the pollutants and gross contaminants like fungi, bacteria etc. out of reach of the indoor air.


By following these easy and simpler methods, we can surely control the indoor air. So, make sure to apply these methods.



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