Explained – Can an air purifier protect you from the Coronavirus?

In this despairing time of the global pandemic, the virologists are looking for a cure/vaccine to deal with Covid-19. With more than 4 million cases and three lakhs death globally, it is the deadliest pandemic that humanity has encountered since the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, which infected more than 500 million people. Humans across the globe are looking for solutions to reduce their chances of contracting this deadly disease. People are following social distancing norms, wearing face masks in public to avoid contactless delivery of services. 70% of the countries across the globe are under total or partial lockdown. Toddlers and Senior Citizens are the most vulnerable group which is affected by Coronavirus. 

From handwash to body covers to sanitizer, people are running after ways to reduce their chances of being in contact with this deadly pathogen. Even after such strict precautions and lockdowns, the cases are rising exponentially. Indoor air can be up to 12 times more polluted than outdoors. As indoor air is contaminated, people are looking for an Air purifier for Coronavirus. But, can an air purifier mitigate the chances of contracting Covid-19?

Why air purifiers for viruses?

The air in our atmosphere is toxic beyond globally recommended levels. Harmful pollutants like CO2, CO, VOOC, NO2 inhibit in the along with the particulate matter of the size PM10 and PM2.5. This air is also the carrier of deadly pathogens such as viruses and bacteria that turns contagious if left unchecked. These invisible air pollutants can cause severe health issues, including respiratory ailments. An air purifier helps in multiple ways to clean the indoor air inhaled by family members:

1. Reduces Particulate Matter (PM) levels:

Particulate matter is thinner than the strand of human & can penetrate in most of the human’s internal organs. PM2.5 particles can reach our nervous system and brain through vessels and veins. It can cause Cardiovascular and mental illness.

A good air purifier with High-quality HEPA filters can capture 99% of these harmful particulate matters and dust particles

2. Remove Allergens:

Indoor air is also abode to many allergens such as pet dander, pollens, and mould. The HEPA filters of an air purifier filter these allergens from Indoor air.

Cleans Volatile Organic Compounds:

Volatile Organic Compounds are harmful to both humans and animals and are present in adhesives, paints & Varnishes. Prolonged exposure to these compounds can even cause cancer. Carbon filters of an air purifier trap these harmful compounds in their carbon tunnels and remove them permanently from the air. 

How can an Air Purifier prevent you from Coronavirus?

Scientists and researchers haven’t been able to find a direct correlation between Air purifiers and viruses. However, they are of the consensus that air purifiers can mitigate specific effects of Coronavirus specifically on Senior citizens and toddlers.

1. Reduces relative humidity:

Air purifiers with humidity controllers reduce the indoor relative humidity from a peak of 90% to around 40%. At this level, the breeding time of harmful viruses reduces to 9-10 seconds on the surface.

2. Reduces virus spread

In spaces where isolation room isn’t possible, HEPA filter-based air purifier for viruses help to reduce transmission of the virus from infected patient to frontline workers or to the relative of the patient.

3. Mitigates virus movement:

By cleaning the air and minimizing the amount of particulate matter from the atmosphere thus reduces the potential for virus exposure to Human beings.

4. Filters Coronavirus particles:

The size of the coronavirus particle is 0.125 microns. An Air purifier for viruses can easily filter this virus strain if it comes in physical contact with the HEPA filter of the purifier.

5. Increase Indoor Oxygen levels:

Coronavirus directly attacks the windpipe and lungs of the infected person, thus making it difficult for the patient to breathe. A plant-based air purifier for viruses such as OxyGarden Forest can increase the indoor Oxygen levels by 700kg/day by using its plant-based filters, which convert indoor carbon dioxide into Oxygen. Such air purifier for viruses makes the indoor air comfortable for the infected to breathe.

Air purifiers can play a decisive role in checking the spread of Coronavirus and similar pathogen based diseases by regulating the movement of dirt particles in the indoor air. The carbon fumes coming from the kitchen or the smoke coming from cigarettes or Incense sticks could be harmful to senior citizens and toddlers as they contain minute carbon particles as well as hazardous gases such as No2. These fumes are large enough to carry coronavirus particles along with them. An air purifier for bacteria acts as the first line of defense for your loved ones. While purchasing air purifiers, consumers should also consider the clean air delivery rate (CADR). A high CADR ensures that the Air purifier for Coronavirus has better chances for trapping the virus particles with a higher air filtration rate.

Scientists across the globe are doing their best to come up with a cure. But till then, we can surely make an additional effort to protect our family members by installing an air purifier for viruses.


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