The Agony of Covid-19 Fighters

Coronavirus pandemic has affected over 537,017 people globally and has claimed 24,117 lives as of today. India too has entered stage 2 of the pandemic with more than 700 cases and increasing per day. Every day we hear about the condition of patients in isolation, the global lockdown and the crumbling economy but very little is being talked about our emergency workers and their side of the story. They are taking this risk every day because they want to but are we doing enough for them. 

    Infections taking a toll on health workers

The fight against COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on health workers globally. In many parts of the country especially Kerala and Uttar Pradesh, cases of doctors themselves falling ill due to virus has been reported. According to National Health Commission of China, more than 3,300 health-care workers have been infected as of early March. They have been put at risk not only by the nature of their jobs, but by shortage of protective equipment. Apart from healthcare workers, death care workers including coroners, medical examiners, funeral directors, airline staff and waste management staff are also at increased risk of exposure to the infection

    Mental Exhaustion affecting their morale

Along with physical infection the emergency workers are also dealing with mental exhaustion during these hard times. India’s health care workers are an overworked lot even under normal circumstances with less than one doctor available for every 1,457 Indians. These extraordinary times has increased their pressure manifold. 

    Social Stigma

On top of everything the overworked medical professionals are now fighting on a whole new front in the Covid-19 battle and that is Social Stigma. There are cases being reported regarding doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, on the frontline of the battle, being shunned by others for fear of being infected. This includes the threat of being evicted from their apartments and general ostracism.

The psychological trauma because of all this is mainly not acknowledged by the authorities. They are risking their lives every day for the society therefore as a society we must stand behind them. Stringent measures are needed to ensure the staff remains in a good and motivated mental state throughout the crises. 

    Can we do something

Recently many countries are paying tribute to their health workers but all they need is a little support from society. Please sign our petition to extend your support to them. Also, here at OxyGarden we have an initiative “Aapka kartavya, Hamara Saath to support the emergency workers with mental health by connecting them with psychologists. So, we request you to kindly spread the word with your loved ones working in the crisis and also share the helpline number- 9691660616 for the same.


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