Residential Indoor Air Quality Test

Residential IAQ Testing (focus on symptoms of air pollution)

One of the biggest and concerning factors of our illness is Indoor air pollution. Research shows that we spend more than 90% of our life indoors, thus tremendously increasing the possibility of falling sick due to poor air quality. There are number of substances and factors which pollute the indoor air. In some cases the air inside our homes is far more polluted than the outside air. If you and your family are feeling sluggish, fatigued, and irritated or have constant colds and respiratory issues, then you may have an airborne contaminant problem. We expose what’s in your air to help you minimize your risks.

Symptoms of Air Pollution

Worsening Asthama, Allergies, And Other Respiratory Problems.

Headaches & Nausea

Shortness Of Breath

Sinus Congestion, Sneezing & Cough

Eye, Skin, Nose & Throat Irritations

Memory Loss, Dizziness, Fatigue And Depression

It is very important to address the potentials causes of indoor air quality problems. If left untreated, air quality issues can have a very detrimental impact on our health. Research is showing that people are now spending as much as 90 percent of their time indoors, and if the indoor air is polluted, this could pose a significant health risk.  

We Test For

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Dioxide





Formaldehyde / UFFI

Volatile Organic Compounds

Chemical Agents

Hazardous Gases



It all starts with a phone call! When you contact us, you will be greeted by a highly experienced Air Quality Expert who will ask you a series of questions to gather background information and design a unique testing plan in accordance to your needs. Based on the requirement, our team will recommend the type of testing with the cost involved.

Test and Fix

For Commercial Building Owners & Lessees:- Purchasing a commercial building or entering into a lease agreement requires a large capital commitment. Protect your investment with a professional commercial air quality test. If the building you are looking to purchase or lease has indoor air pollutants then we can help save you from making a $10,000 mistake. A building with clean air is a far more productive work environment than one without.

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