Influence of Relative Humidity and Air Pollution On COVID-19

Does indoor humidity level affect coronavirus?

Could air pollution be a helping hand for COVID-19?

The answer is a BIG YES!

There are various news articles, researches, and an abundance of evidence that Air Quality and Relative Humidity levels play a key role in the growth and effects of coronaviruses. On the one hand, we all know that air quality has a massive influence on our health, on the other hand, there are many scientific studies which have shown the direct or indirect effect of humidity level on biological contaminants.

High levels of air pollution may be “one of the most important contributors” to deaths from Covid-19, according to research.

A new study by Harvard University has claimed a correlation between long-term exposure to high levels of air pollution and Covid-19 mortality rates.

New research published in the journal Science of the Total Environment has found that long-term exposure to air pollution may be “one of the most important contributors to fatality caused by the COVID-19 virus” around the world.

Living in areas with higher levels of air pollution is associated with an increased risk of death from Covid-19, claims a study conducted in the US.

Optimum indoor humidity level prevents the spread of coronaviruses 


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2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: A Review of the Current Literature and Built Environment (BE) Considerations to Reduce Transmission

Not convinced yet? See more studies and researches.

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