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Become part of India’s first air sanitizer manufacturing start-up today and help us to reach each and every citizen of the country as breathing fresh oxygen is a right that should be available to all.

Joining will provide your business with the opportunity to transform your offerings in a new category of Air Sanitizers while engaging with some of the world’s most innovative budding entrepreneurs.

We are offering exclusive franchise opportunities across 70 cities of India. 

OxyGarden is expanding now.

Together, we can deliver fresh air jointly!

Stand out in the market


In a time where hygiene has been the forefront of our thought process, OxyGarden Innovative Air Sanitizer has the potential to create market sensation


Covid-19 is a top of mind concern for all segments and across all cities in India, and any product which increases our immunity will create a huge market


News Articles and various digital publications are longing for such stories and products, which will help in reaching out to the masses

How It Works?

1. Select a type of franchise you want to become

Master Franchise Partner

One in a state, this partner is responsible to handle an entire state and represent OxyGarden at a state level. Every order for that particular state passes through the master franchise

Exclusive Partner (Franchise)

One in every city, this partner is responsible to drive the sales of the entire city and represent the brand at a city level. Every order for that particular city shall pass through the exclusive partner

Retail Partner

As our Retail partner, we can collaborate with you to sell our products in your existing multi-brand stores. By blending the physical worlds with the pop-up, both brands will provide exposure for innovative air sanitizers

Sales Partner

As our Sales Partner, we can come up with an innovative, clear, and substantial value which is deeply appreciated by our customers. We are happy to work with individuals as well as organizations, who are indulged in adding value to our product and eventually to their own customers through our innovative product. This model is a simple incentive-based one with certain constraints

2. Agreement & Space Finalization

3. Set up

4. Start advertising & Promotion

5. Team Setup

6. Ready to Launch

Get Started

Why OxyGarden Franchise?


Access to a very new concept and an exponentially growing portfolio of India’s first and only Air Sanitizer company


Co-marketing campaign material


Educational resources and training (sales and technical) from OxyGarden


Use of OxyGarden logos to harness the power of brand recognition


Access to a diverse ecosystem of certified OxyGarden Partners


Technical resources and support for product integration from technical experts

Support from OxyGarden


Product Development

All new emerging consumer categories to be captured


Cost Efficiency

  • This is a new concept;we may be able to charge premium now but will not be able to do so forever with existing &emerging competition.
  • We must work on improving margins &pass on the same to the channel

Franchise Development

    • Identify key markets for the product and bring in franchise partners 
    • Take an opportunistic approach and create partners as they come (of coarse we evaluate each market /opportunity properly!)



Brand development I Awareness I Customer pull


Training modules


Product I BD I Servicing I AMCs


Support Team


Operations team deployment

Role of Franchise

1. Experience Center
    • Stand-alone stores with a revenue stream of walk-ins
    • Product Experience
2. Distribution Rights
    • Place products with relevant complementary product stores to create a larger reach in the market 
3. Direct Sales Agents
    • Develop a network of DSAs for new BD
    • This is additional BDM that works on a commission basis and not on direct payroll
4.Tie-ups with Architects & Interior Decorator
    • Tie-ups with Architects / Interior decorators in the cities 
    • Liaison with large real estate developers focusing on residential properties

Role of OxyGarden

Product Sourcing

Assembly &Development

Marketing &Lead Generation

Human Interface

Product Fulfillment

Servicing &AMCs


Along with the setup of experience centre, we will start planning and implementation of advertisements on various platforms.


Social media and SEO/PPC campaigns


Referrals through architects and designers


Other offline activities and partnerships

In addition, we will continuously


End-to-end support in product sourcing


New Innovations in every quarter i.e. expansion in the product line


Market Lead Generation for the franchisee city


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