OxyBreathe Humidifer And Dehumidifer


Dry Indoor Air? Sticky Indoor Air?

We have the solution for both. Our OxyBreathe Humidifier And Dehumidifier is an essential for you if you are struggling with excess moisture or dryness in your air. With our device, integrate the control of humidification and dehumidification of your indoor air. OxyBreathe Humidifier And Dehumidifier can be a lifesaver for you if you want to protect your home and belongings from the humidity fluctuations.


  • Activated charcoal present in growth media.
  • Innovation growth media (other than soil) present keeping the plant alive for multiple years.
  • Takes just 30 energy units to operate.
  • Self-Sustainable
  • Fully automated soil watering and growing light system.
  • Produces 700 liters of fresh oxygen per day
  • zero noise functioning
  • Modish and sophisticated décor appeal



Breathe naturally purified and oxygenated air.


Removes bad odor from the indoor environment.


Reduces sick building syndrome


Stable Relative Humidity is maintained for preventing mold, virus and bacteria growth, skin irritation, gastrointestinal issues.


Filters out nasty chemicals, like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene preventing lung cancer, headaches, drowsiness, respiratory issues, etc

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Right Indoor Humidity Level Is Your Right Health Choice

Improper air moisture levels can cause a wide range of harmful impacts which includes bacteria & virus growth, mould growth, Wall Damage, Cracking of furniture, etc. Our Humidifier and  dehumidifier helps to improve the indoor humidity level in the best organic way possible by combining nature with technology.  We have a fully automated green technology behind our plug-and-play product that effectively manages Relative Humidity of your indoor air.  It comes with an additional advantage of natural air purification since we have our smart plants also integrated into this green design product.



  • Ideal Humidity Range
  • Natural Air Purification
  • Bad odour removal
  • Enhanced Indoor Environmental Quality


  • •Plants for humidification used in just 1.3 sq. feet of space
  • One time plug and forget the product
  • Takes just 30 energy units to operate


OxyBreathe Humidifier & Dehumidifier is a green design product that can effectively manage your indoor humidity range. Our smart plants make sure that we are 100 % in love with our planet. We have paperless offices and we plant ten trees every product sold!

We want to be a part of your indoors, Do you want us?