Oxybreathe Rapid Plus+ Green Air Sanitizer

Don’t just purify, SANITIZE!

 Purifying your indoor air is not enough anymore. Most of the air purifiers in the market are collecting pollutants in filters where it gets multiplied and released back into the air. That is exactly why we have Oxybreathe Rapid Plus+ Green Air Sanitizer for you because we want you to sanitize the green way and the right way. Our smart plants with green technology can actively destroy indoor air contaminants. Make your indoors safest with us and contribute towards a healthier and sustainable future.


  • Uses a unique 5 step purification process.
  • Activated charcoal present in growth media.
  • Innovation growth media (other than soil) present keeping the plant alive for multiple years.
  • Takes just 30 energy units to operate.
  • 50 NASA certified smart plants of high purification capacity are used in just 1.3sq.ft. of space.
  • Self-Sustainable
  • Fully automated soil watering and growing light system.
  • Smart Humidity management system.
  • Uses HEPA, carbon and prefilter to aid the natural filtration.
  • Produces 700 liters of fresh oxygen per day.
  • Zero Noise functioning
  • Ozone- Free
  • Filter auto-refills
  • Modish and sophisticated décor appeal.



Breathe clean, oxygenated and naturalized indoor air.


Decreases the AQI level by 70% to an ideal range which can boost your immune system


Removes bad odor from the indoor environment.


Reduces sick building syndrome


Removes toxic air pollutants, dust mite, pet dander, allergens and particulate matter


Provides for a cool, relaxed and aesthetically appealing working environment


Stabilized relative humidity which has many benefits including prevention of mold, virus and bacteria growth, skin irritation, gastrointestinal issues.


Improvement in cognitive performance and thus reducing mental fatigue and increasing overall workforce productivity

Sanitize your indoors with our NEXT-GEN SANITIZATION Technology

Indoor Air Sanitization has become an essential in the wake of COVID-19. Our green technology makes sure that you have a germ-free, virus-free, allergen-free, toxin free and oxygen enriched naturalized air. Indoors don’t keep you safe, but healthy indoors do keep you safe and healthy.  Oxybreathe Rapid Plus+ Green Air Sanitizer is the your complete solution for healthy indoors so let’s stand together to keep Covid-19 at bay!

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Sanitize with Oxybreathe and stay away from the widest range pollutants including Air Borne Viruses!

Chemical Toxins

Voc & Haze Compound


Cockroach Allergens

Pet Dander

Paint fumes

Exhaust fumes




Particulate matter


  • Maintain Ideal Humidity Range
  • Naturalized and Oxygenated Air
  • Pathogen, Pollen, and allergen Free Indoor Air
  • Airborne Virus Free Indoor Air
  • Odour free Indoor Air


  • Unique 5 step Green purification process
  • One time plug and forget product
  • Cleans air at a speed of 500 m3 volume/hour
  • Fully automated watering and growing light system
  • Takes just 30 energy units to operate
  • Innovative growth media (Other than soil)
  • keeps the plant alive for multiple years


Oxybreathe Rapid Plus+ Green Air Sanitizer embraces cradle-to-cradle principles and thus maintains the balance between technology and nature. Our green design product can produce up to 700L of oxygen in a day making it the only self-sustainable product in the market as an eco-friendly solution for indoor air sanitization. Our smart plants make sure that we are 100 % in love with our planet.

We want to be a part of your indoors, Do you want us?