1st Natural Air Purifier & Sanitizer for Home in India 

Air Sanitizer For Home

It is an innovative and creative thought of co-existing with Nature while adding dimension to any indoor space. It is one of the best ways to save space with a lush green garden growing up. By decorating our home with plants, we are not just adding greenery. We are enhancing our quality of life. We are making our interior spaces cleaner, fresher for our elderly and our children. 

Oxygarden brings India’s first Natural Air Sanitizer and Purifier for our interior spaces. It is your best option to improve your indoor air quality and lead a healthier life. We bring Nature’s freshness directly into your room. Oxygarden brings Nature’s freshness directly into your room by making air sanitizer for home.

Why Choose Us?


Produces 700 Liters of Oxygen per day


Replaces the cyclic air that is trapped indoors


12x faster air purifying action than house plants


Removes unpleasant odours and keeps indoors clean and fresh


Creates a healthy environment for early age child health development


Keeps physical and mental strains away and acts as a mood elevator


Activates higher cognitive development in children


Removes pollutants like CO2, CO, VOOC, NO2, hence preventing chronic heart and respiratory diseases


Creates a natural playground the positive development of your children

Invest in Your Health with OxyGarden’s Forest Today!






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Air Sanitizer For Home




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