Bring the Nature Indoors With Vertical Garden

In today’s era where nature and natural things play an important role in our day to day life, having plants indoor in any form like potted plants or vertical walls are increasing. The landscaping industry too is growing in the decor industry and if we look into history, vertical gardens have been in existence since the Babylon and Ancient Greek era. 

So, looking back at history, the concept of landscaping is not a new thing, but it is now transforming the world of interior designing, shifting the attention from nature-inspired sculptures and paintings to bringing nature into living spaces.

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If a vertical plant wall for room sounds like something you think might fit well in your home or office, contact OxyGarden today. Discuss your indoor plant requirements, and we will help determine what will work best for your space. 

What is Vertical Gardening?

It is an innovative and creative thought of co-existing with nature while adding dimension to any indoor space. This is one of the best ways to save space with a lush green garden growing up.

A vertical garden or green wall or living wall or bio wall or plant wall is a perfect way to disguise an unattractive area in your home and draw attention to a mesmerizing view.

Other than offering the aesthetic appeal to your space, there are various other benefits of living plant wall for the home such as they purify and humidify the air just like the HEPA air purifiers but without any consumption of electricity, decrease volatile organic compounds (VOCs), As well as promote healthier, happier residents.

Vertical gardens are now easy to design, install, and maintain with OxyGarden. We are a worldwide pioneer in the designing and building of the modular, green wall or vertical wall and assist you in specifying the correct system and design an indoor green wall that will flourish. Upon completion we will work with you to develop a maintenance plan that will guard your investment and keep the live vertical wall looking its best.

Innovative and unique in our approach to creating a vertical plant wall for indoor and outdoor, we have designed our system with state-of-the-art cutting edge technology, the OxyGarden Pro System.

What is OxyGarden Grow System?

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OxyGarden Grow System is a high-quality vertical garden solution that helps purify the indoor air naturally and with minimum effort. It is a voluminous arrangement of plants on walls that uses water wicking Oxygarden Grow Moisture Strips to create a waste-free water distribution system intertwined into the stainless wire grid throughout the planters in the wall unit for growing high-density arrangement of plants on walls. The OxyGarden Grow System works well in any indoor or outdoor space to create breathtaking living walls. Our felt system allows for unrestricted root growth, allowing plants to continuously grow bigger. It is suitable for indoor & outdoor conditions with automated irrigation and fertigation system for low maintenance.

Explore More Possibilities with Custom Made Forest


Create extremely sturdy vertical walls with our Grow Strip and with Custom Stainless Steel 304 with 1/4″ wire grids

Make any size living wall using the pre-assembled Forest Modular Unit
Tailor-made units into mega-scale plant walls.
Personalize your Forest with different shades and tones.



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