OxyScreen Monad


Love your planet as much as your décor!

Eco-friendly décor is your solution if you love your planet as much as your décor. It is a sustainable step towards the earth as it is our own responsibility to take care of the planet where we live in.
Our green design Oxyscreen from Oxygarden will make sure that you are 100% in love with our planet.


  • Screen size (8*3*1.2, 4*6*1.2) m

  • Material type -Sheet metal 
  • Design- Cuboidal monolithic
  • Custom Ornamental Plants option
  • In-house installation 
  • 1 year free maintenance

  • Self-sustainable

  • Fully automated soil watering and growing light system.

  • 100% eco-friendly Décor units

  • Zero noise functioning



Breathe cleaner and naturalized indoor air.


Reduces PM 2.5 and PM 10 Particles providing lighter and fresh air to


Green Home solution


Reduces sick building syndrome


Hassle-free indoor gardening


Great matching custom divider/screen for indoor eco-friendly décor themes.


50 Nasa Certified smart plants which can actively remove toxic air contaminants such as benzene, formaldehyde,etc.


Removes bad odor from indoor environment with the help of activated charcoal in the growth media

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Green is Gorgeous!

Add a little green to your indoors and achieve a high end décor look with Oxyscreen. Work with colors and patterns of your décor style by utilizing the options for customizing your dividers with a range of ornamental plants exclusively curated for you. Our vision is to make Eco-friendly décor synonymous with high end décor because sustainability is an essential element of Oxygarden.

Cradle to Cradle Concept, What Comes Out of Earth Has to Go Back to Earth!

Oxyscreen is the only décor product that embraces the cradle to the Cradle concept. The aesthetic identity of the product is strictly governed by sustainable principles and we make sure that you are going green the right way. The co-existence inside a green design product of both technology and water wherein we have a water reservoir that can self-water the plant.


  • Neutralizes air within few minutes and shuns away bad odor from the indoor environment.
  • Produces fresh oxygen continuously.
  • No noise production.
  • High-end eco-friendly décor look.
  • Green home
  • Customized floral dividers


  • One time plug and forget product
  • Fully automated watering and growing light system
  • Innovative growth media (Other than soil)
  • keeps the plant alive for multiple years
  • Takes just 30 energy units to operate
  • Activated Charcoal present in growth media removes bad odour from indoor environment


Oxyscreen Monad is a green design product for a high-end décor look because we know eco-friendly décor is much more than recycled craft items. Our smart plants make sure that we are 100
% in love with our planet. We have paperless offices and we plant ten trees every product sold!

We want to be a part of your indoors, Do you want us?